Rally for Babies!

Families with young children have questions. Do the Presidential candidates have answers?

The 2016 Presidential campaign is already in high gear, but in all the speeches and debates, we don’t hear much about babies and their families. Yet, young families face pressing challenges—working hard to feed, clothe, and house their children, finding affordable, quality child care, and setting aside precious time to nurture their children’s development. Families want to know how the next President will support their efforts to contribute to the economy and the next generation.

The nearly four million babies born in the U.S. every year represent the future of our country—our future workforce, parents, leaders, and innovators. How we invest in their health and well-being will determine our nation’s long-term productivity and success.

What do the 2016 presidential candidates believe is the best way to ensure these critical assets thrive?

We’ve come up with 5 questions that are top of mind for young families

questions we think all of the Presidential candidates should have on THEIR minds as they think about how they would lead our nation forward.

Will you ask them?

It’s time to make our voices heard with all of the presidential candidates as we continue to #Rally4Babies. Help us use Twitter to ask them these pressing questions. It’s easy! Click the candidate’s name at whom you want to tweet, select the question you want to ask, and click on the tweet. The tweet will pop up in your Twitter account and all you do is click “Post tweet.” Make sure all your tweets use the hashtag #Rally4Babies to really raise a ruckus for babies and their families.

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